Put A Bed In It! Or Dont... | Sofa beds from BuildASofa.com

Sofa beds can be a great addition to any space, providing an extra spot for crazy aunt Cathy to sleep, or to serve as an extra bedroom in your always packed Air BnB, but are they worth it? Do you really need one? We always come back to a few questions you need to ask your self…

#1 How ofter are you going to use your sofa bed on a yearly basis?

Our general rule of thumb is if you are going to use your sofa bed more than 5 times a year then it is probably worth adding a sofa bed. And your guests will LOVE you for it! Anything less than that just isn’t worth the cost and you are better off getting a really nice air mattress that is a quarter of the cost! You can find some great air mattress options that self inflate/deflate and store pretty easy at Walmart or Amazon. If you are going to use your sofa bed more than 5 times a year then GREAT!! We have both a 5” and 8.5” COZY sofa bed that can be added to almost any sofa or sectional styles!

#2 Do you plan on moving your sofa any time soon?

Sofa beds can be a pain in the neck (LITERALLY!) to move around, so if you are always on the move or plan on moving into a new space anytime soon we recommend waiting until you are settled!

#3 Will the sofa/sectional be your main seating?

Adding a sofa bed replaces the normal springs that go under a sofa or sectionals seat cushions with a sofa bed mechanism. This can make your sofa/sectional sit a litter firmer than normal so be sure you are ok with this change before moving forward with your sofa bed! Live in Austin? Come see us in the showroom and see for yourself!

What ever you decide, BuildASofa is here to help! Have more questions? Give Brad and Bryce a call in the showroom and lets talk about it.