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  • 2 Arm pieces are Sofas, Love seats, Chairs and Ottomans. Each model has a standard size for Sofa, Love seat etc. You can choose your custom size for a flat fee by clicking on "Custom Size It". Choose your fabric and wood options, and how you want your seat cushions cut, and add it to your cart!

  • You can choose from 7 layouts for each model. Pick your left or right orientation like the diagrams. If you want to customize your size, You can enter the sizes you want and overide our standard. our standard sizing is always less expensive and faster than customizing the size. Regardless, you will always get a great deal vs. chain stores even if you make it huge!

Enter Your Size

  • Sofa

    Custom Price
  • Love Seat

    Love Seat
    Custom Price
  • Chair

    Custom Price
  • Ottoman

    23" X 30"
    Custom Price

We offer the option to make all seat cushions bench seats on all models. You will have one bench seat cushion and multiple back cushions on each piece if you opt for bench seats. choosing bench seats does not affect size or quantity of back cushions.

Still can't make what you want? CLICK HERE to begin the process of getting an extra custom piece made in this model.
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