Fabric Protection

At BuildASofa.com®, we know you will be living on your sofa every day, and accidents happen! We have teamed up with Masterguard+® to offer the best quality fabric protection at a very minimal cost.

A technician at our factory will apply Masterguard+® with UV Protection. Each sofa is treated on 100% of the fabric surface area, including underneath and behind all seat and back cushions. Our Non-Toxic and Water Based Fabric Protectant is safe for your family and pets when applied (click here for a Product Safety Sheet). It not only provides protection from spills and stains, dirt and oils, but it also gives the fabric enhanced UV protection from sunlight.


  • Protects against anything you would normally eat or drink
  • Can be used on most fabrics
  • Water based and non-toxic when applied
  • No Silicone
  • Contains Ultra Violet Inhibitors to help reduce fading due to sunlight
  • Unique formula penetrates deep into fibers to protect fabric from the inside out
  • Provides a barrier against the abrasion of dirt and dust particles increasing the fabric durability
  • Helps turn "Dry Clean Only" fabrics into ones suitable for everyday use!

We are offering Masterguard+® UV for $75/Piece. We feel that this product will give you value to help protect your sofa or sectional for the long term.

We have researched many "Fabric Warranty" programs and feel from the end user reviews that they don't often actually pay out when there is a problem. Most people don't like these insurance programs once they try to collect, but you will be pushed to buy these add on items at other retailers, often at a cost of over $200 or more Per Piece!

At BuildASofa we feel our Masterguard+® UV Protection is your best option for giving your sofa or sectional a fighting chance against everyday life! Ask a designer in our of our showrooms for a demonstration or more information.

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