Custom sofa and sectional options are endless at BuildASofa and that includes choosing the perfect cushion density! We offer soft, medium, and firm foam options and even have down wrap cushions for that cloud like sink in feel! Find out more about which cushion is right for you below.


Medium foam

We sell close to 85% of custom sofa and sectional orders in a MEDIUM FOAM fill. Comfortable, supportive, and long lasting, our medium foam is perfect for your living room, formal space, or game room!

  • The perfect cushion for everyday use

  • Supportive with superior comfort

  • Extremely versatile for any space

Soft foam

If you like sinking into your sofa or sectional only to re emerge hours later after a solid Netflix bender then SOFT FOAM is for you! Our soft foam provides squishy comfort while retaining its shape over time. Call Brad and Bryce in the store today to learn more about our soft foam.

  • Perfect for game rooms, media rooms, or lounges

  • Soft feel with great longevity

  • The perfect sink in cushion!



firm foam

Have bad knees or a bad back? Do you like a very supportive seat cushion perfect for reading a book? Our firm foam is just the one for you! Most people think it feels like a rock, but anyone who can’t find a firm enough cushion anywhere else really going to love our firm foam.

  • Great for anyone with knee or back problems

  • Makes it easy to get up and out of your sofa or sectional

  • Great for high traffic commercial spaces

down wrap cushions

If you like the feel of floating in the clouds while sitting on your sofa or sectional then our DOWN WRAP CUSHION is the choice for you! Just keep in mind, down takes a little maintenance and can give your sofa a much rounder look due to the nature of the fill.

  • Cloud like sink in feel

  • Requires a little maintenance to keep them looking good

  • Extreme longevity since there is no degrading of the fibers like in foam