Keep Your Sofa Cushions Looking Great for Years! - Custom Sofa and Sectional Maintenance

Just like your leather shoes needing a shine or a re-sole every year or two, your custom sofa or sectional needs a little maintenance to stay looking good for years to come. Here are our best tips for keeping your custom sofa or sectional looking good!

1. Rotate Your Cushions!

  • We recommend rotating your cushions with the seasons (4 times per year)
  • Don't just rotate them, but flip your cushions as well! All BuildASofa cushions are removable to make maintenance a breeze!
  • Rotating your cushions will help keep your sofa from getting odd wear patterns where people always sit.  

2. Dust Your Sofa

  • If you have a hand vac at the house, these work best! Here is the one we keep around and have had great success with! Hand Vaccum
  • Don't have a hand vac? No problem! Dusting your sofa or sectional with a soft bristled brush once or twice a month is perfect. 
  • Disting your sofa or sectional will keep your sofa looking good and keep the fabric from breaking down early. 

3. Keep Your Sofa Free From Pilling 

  • Fibers transferring onto your sofa or sectional from your favorite blanket? No worries, use this fabric shaver to give your sofa or sectional new life! Fabric Shaver
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