Our BuildASofa products are designed to last a lifetime.  With our natural wood frames, solid steel springs and quality fabrics, you can expect many years of service from your sofa or sectional. And there are things you can do on a regular basis to help ensure the life of your sofa.


    You should flip the cushions of your sofa on a regular basis.  Both seat and back cushions need to be turned about every 90 days to ensure even wear.  Try doing it every time the seasons change!  You can also rearrange the cushions from side to side and spin them depending on the style of cushions you got and the sizing.


    You should also dust your sofa regularly.  Never use your vacuum on the sofa.  We don’t even recommend using the “wand” attachment.  Instead try using a soft brush and brushing the sofa.  Dust can become thick if not removed, and if the sofa gets wet, even damp from a person sitting on it, that can start to solidify and become hard to clean.


    Never use a blanket on your fabric sofa as a pad for your pet.  Using a blanket on top of the fabric sofa can cause it to “Pill” up the fabric.  Pilling is a natural by product of material in the fabric, and is not an issue with the fabric, or the fabric coming apart.  But the constant rubbing of the material against another material can cause it to pill or get hairy looking more than it normally would.


    Ask your designer at BuildASofa about our durable water safe fabrics (or see them here on the website).  And try not to let your kids jump on the sofa like a trampoline. 


    If treated well, your sofa should give you great service for as long as you want to keep it!


    Brad Allan

    Founder, BuildASofa

  2. SOFA BEDS | Making the right choice for YOU!

    SOFA BEDS | Making the right choice for YOU!

    One of the main misconceptions of getting a Sofa Bed added to your sofa is that it is only a win-win situation where you get a extra bedroom in the house by adding it to your sofa or sectional.  But Sofa Beds have drawbacks that need to be considered before you make a decision that you will live with for many years…


    Sofa Beds can go into many models without modifications to the sofa itself, and almost any model if we modify the frame a little to hide the bed.  Some sofa models, like many of the very popular “Mid-Century” models have super tall legs. If you add a sofa bed to one of those models, you will be able to see the bed hanging below the frame.  To solve this issue we can lower the front rail, and obscure the view of the metal bed.


    So all of that is pretty obvious.  But while sofa beds can be hidden visually, it is much harder to hide the physical change that it causes a sofa.  Sofa beds go in a sofa where the springs normally go.  So instead of having a set of springs to cushion the seat, you have a folded up mattress that is much firmer to sit on.  While we can compensate for this by using softer foam, or even down and feather over soft foam, you will still not have the springy feel of a regular sofa.


    When I have clients thinking about getting a sofa bed added to their sofa or sectional, I like to start by asking how many times a year they think they will pull it out.  If the answer is less than 10 times a year, I recommend getting a premium blow up mattress.  You can get one on line for about $100 that will auto inflate/deflate, and be very comfortable.  Our sofa beds are top quality and very comfortable, but they do add $495-$895 to the cost of your purchase.


    These are just some things to think about when contemplating a sofa bed purchase.  If you have other questions you can always contact us for further discussion.


    Brad Allan

    Founder, BuildASofa

  3. BENCH SEATING | Pros and Cons

    BENCH SEATING | Pros and Cons

    Bench Seats (a single long cushion without breaks in it) are the #1 change we make at BuildASofa and it is at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YO!  

    Traditional CushionBench Cushions

    There is no better way to maximize the seating on a sofa or sectional than using a bench seat. Imagine having a sofa with two seat cushions on it, but three people wanting to sit...  Who gets the crack? Or which two people have to double up and sit on one cushion. Having a single seat cushion allows 1-4 people to sit on a single sofa seat.

    You can lay down on a bench seat and not have your hip go into the cushion.  Sofas with back cushions can be a great extra bed…  Just remove the back cushions from the sofa and with a bench seat, you have a space to sleep on about the size of a twin mattress.  They also tend to look neater because the smaller cushions tend to get out of alignment on the sofa.

    There are a few drawbacks though.  The longer the cushion, the more prone to some wrinkling it might be depending on the type of fabric you use.  Since all BuildASofa cushions are fully fabric and never attached, you can still flip your bench cushions in place for even wear.

    I personally think that the benefits outweigh the possible downsides in getting bench seats.   A nice modern look and ability to seat as many people as possible are great options for any décor. 

    While shopping the SOFAS or SECTIONALS section of the website you will be able to select TRADITIONAL or BENCH CUSHIONS at the bottom of the product page!

    Brad Allan

    Founder - BuildASofa

  4. Sectionals VS. Multiple Sofas | Maximizing Your Seating

    Sectionals VS. Multiple Sofas | Maximizing Your Seating

    I am a firm believer in using sectionals to seat as many people as possible and use a set space to its potential in any living environment.  But that being said, in my home we used two oversized sofas and two wing back chairs in our large common area.  And this is why…


    Most spaces have a flow to them. Sometimes using a sectional in your space makes sense.  If it is a boxed off room, say with two complete or even partial walls that are difficult to walk around, a sectional may make great sense.  Two sofas mean 2 more arms than a sectional, which in itself might add 10-26” of arm (depending on the size of the arm).  Then you also have the “dead” space between the two pieces sitting at an angle to each other.


    One nice feature of a sectional is what I call the “Money Seat”.  That is the seat in the corner of the sectional where the two pieces come together.  You can usually sit either left or right facing with your back to the cushion and your feet up. Kinda like a chaise but usually even longer.  You don’t get that with a couple sofas.


    Now back to my home…   we have a very large open area with has access all around it.  We felt that using a 3 piece sectional blocked off the flow of that room.  So we used two large sofas, and a couple of wing backed chairs.  I mainly sit in the wingback chair, but occasionally will lay on one of the sofas.  The configuration works out great for us, but it is different for every room and family. 


    We have made over 20,000 custom orders at BuildASofa so we are able to help you plan out the best way to utilize your room.  Feel free to send us dimensions and photos of your space and we can help you decide which is right for you.



    Founder, BuildASofa

  5. Start Designing Your Custom Sofa or Sectional Today!!

    Start Designing Your Custom Sofa or Sectional Today!!

    Can’t find the sofa or sectional you are looking for at the big box stores? Look no further, BuildASofa has you covered! With over 80 different styles, 1000+ fabrics and more custom options than you could dream up, your perfect sofa or sectional can now become a reality.

    Here’s how you make it happen….

    1. Choose your Style
    2. Choose your sofa or sectional sizing/configuration
    3. Choose your fabric and leg color
    4. Sit back, relax and wait for the delivery company!

    Yes, it’s that simple!

    How do you get started? You can view our SHOP section, call us at (512) 454-7632, email or come see us in our Austin showroom on Burnet Rd. across from Torchy’s Tacos!

  6. Why Yes, We CAN Make That Sectional You Saw on Pinterest!

    Why Yes, We CAN Make That Sectional You Saw on Pinterest!

    We get a TON of inquiries every week for custom sectionals made off of this picture from Pinterest or that picture from Houzz, and everyone is always super excited when we tell them YES WE CAN make that sectional for you!

    The main thing to keep in mind when making something off of a picture is that you won’t know how it is really going to feel.  That is a good and a bad thing!  No preconceived notions about how it is going to feel means that you won’t be expecting one thing and get another.  We can copy pictures very closely.  Exact measurements are no problem at all… But getting the feeling right on something you have sat on before is harder.

    LABOR…  It is much harder for our craftsmen to make something off of a photograph than it is off our regular templates. That is why it is much more expensive to make something one time instead of many times.  Some photos like the one on this blog are pretty simple to make.  Certain sized front rail, certain depth, certain back height and add some cushy down seats and no sag back cushions and Tah Dah!  It looks just like you want.  A photo of a much more intrinsic piece would be hard and more expensive to do.  You should expect to pay about 30-100% more for any copy piece that we do over our standard pricing for the same size piece.

    We are always happy to take a look at any photograph that you have of something you want to make.  We will send you a quote back and notate any issues that we see with the job.  Sometimes we won’t even try to quote something because we get some pretty crazy things sent our way.  It needs to be mostly upholstery or leather (not a lot of exposed wood).  You can send your request to and we will get back to you ASAP.


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