1. Custom Sofa and Custom Sectionals - Designed For You!

    Custom Sofa and Custom Sectionals - Designed For You!

    Are you having trouble finding a sofa or sectional to fit your extra small, extra large or oddly shaped space? You aren't alone, and BuildASofa is here to help with affordable custom sofas and sectionals made in America!

    Here's how it works...

    1. Choose from any of our 45 different styles. Shop SOFAS or SECTIONALS

    2. Choose your fabric, leg color and cushion configuration.

    3. Choose your sofa or sectional sizing and configuration. We offer 9 sectional set ups, 3 sofa sizes, 2 chair options and 2 ottoman sizes!

    Thats it, your done!

    Still can't get exactly what your looking for? Check out our CUSTOM for a custom quote from our sales staff who has over 20 years combined experiece designing and delivering sofas all over the country. Our design staff will walk you through every detail of the design process to ensure you get the perfect sofa or sectional you have always dreamed of!

    Have a commercial project needing a custom seating option? Give us a call and lets talk about how BuildASofa can help with your project. We have worked with companies across the country to produce one of a kind seating options and would love to help out with your project. You can email our National Sales Director at

  2. The Perfect Sofa for Your Tiny House, Apartment or Condo - BuildASofa

    The Perfect Sofa for Your Tiny House, Apartment or Condo - BuildASofa

    With tiny homes, apartments and condos seeming to be the norm these days we are seeing more and more people becoming frustrated trying to find furniture that fits... But thats where BuildASofa flourishes!

    Our business was created out of necessity in San Francisco where most homes have tight door ways, narrow hallways and funky sized living spaces. In order to get furniture even in the space we had to cut the back 3 inches or make a sofa in 2 pieces to get it to fit and in doing so we found a niche in the furniture industry... Fast forward 15 years and here we are with more and more cities embracing smaller living spaces and we are here to help!

    Any of our 45 different sofa styles can be made into a sofa or sectional of any size meaning you can customize length, height and depth to make any style fit YOUR unique living space. No more compromizing look or feel to get something that fits... At BuildASofa you can get style, comfort AND fit all in one place :)

    Dont think you can affor a custom sofa or sectional?? You would be surprised! Our stadard sofas start at $1595 and that price includes sales tax AND nationwide delivery. If you are looking for something a little smaller than a sofa, our love seats start at $1395 and condo sofas are $1495...again, all prices include sales tax AND nationwide delivery. Sectionals start around $2600 and go up to about $3300. 

    Loving what your hearing?? Give us a call today to start working on YOUR custom sofa or sectional or visit the SOFAS or SECTIONALS page of our website!

  3. Why Choose BuildASofa | Customer Service + Quality

    Why Choose BuildASofa | Customer Service + Quality

    What Makes BuildASofa so Different?!?


    Making something custom is a lot different style of manufacturing than doing the same thing every time.  Very few sofa companies are good at making changes to a set pattern.  That is why besides the type of fabric used and maybe the color of the feet, you don’t get to change a whole lot in most stores.  Go to your local furniture stores and tell them you like a sofa, but it would be great if they would make yours 3” deeper because you are 6’ 2”…  Good luck!


    Our genius at BuildASofa is not that we can make a lot of custom changes or even make a sofa from a photo…  It is also that we do it fast, and for a price that is the same or even less than most quality furniture stores sell a stock item for. The reason we can do it is we have over 20 years experience doing it, AND we have very low overhead since we do not have to support a huge store, warehouse and dozens of sales people milling around waiting to annoy you!  We ship 100’s of sofas to families around the US every month…  Families just like yours!


    Most of our sofas at BuildASofa are just $1,595 delivered anywhere in the continental United States.  We have a lot of changes that we can make to our sofas that will make them uniquely yours that don’t even cost extra, such as:  Softer or firmer foam, bench seats, lowering seat heights, and many others.  There is virtually nothing we can’t do at BuildASofa. And of course every model can come in a sectional of virtually any size and configuration or orientation.


    Visit our CUSTOM section to see all the neat things we can do for you at!

  4. What is a REAL Leather Sofa? & How to tell the FAKE ones!

    What is a REAL Leather Sofa? & How to tell the FAKE ones!

    People are often surprised at the cost of a 100% leather sofa. Why? …because there are so many imitation leather sofas on the market.  Furniture stores have all sorts of ways to trick the average consumer into buying a fake leather sofa.  I am breaking some of these down here and now so you know what to look for!


    Bonded Leather- Bonded leather has nothing to do with leather as far as the feel goes.  Bonded leather is Vinyl that has been attached to a chipped up leather backing that is made from discarded leather chunks. This discarded leather can be bought from a slaughterhouse or from high quality furniture makers who discard the unusable portion of the leather hides.  Then they grind it up and mix it with a glue and apply it to the back of a piece of vinyl.  They BOND Vinyl to the ground up leather. By law, once there is a certain percentage of leather by weight in the Vinyl, they can use the word leather in the name!  But what you are sitting on is not the leather part. That is just the plastic face.


    There are other products out there that imitate leather such as:  Eco-Leather, Compassion Leather, Vegan Leather (no kidding…), and others. But they are all plastics.  The problem is they will eventually start to peel and chip away…  Especially in warm and humid climates like the coastal states or if you wear a lot of lotions that can collect in time and start to break down the material.


    The other favorite trick is using real leather on a VERY small percentage of the surface area of the sofa.  Normally it is used on the face of the seat and back cushion, and the top of the arm only.  That is about 15% of the surface area of the sofa.  Then the advertisement reads something like “REAL leather everywhere you body touches the sofa…” That’s how they can make a leather sofa for about the price of a fabric one.


    Here is a good role of thumb for buying a leather sofa or sectional:  If it cost only about 20% more than a similar fabric sofa or sectional in the same store, it is probably not leather.  The leather required to make a 100% leather sofa will cost the maker about $1000 minimum for a full size sofa.  There just isn’t anyway around it.  A sofa covered 100% in real leather will need about 6-8 cowhides.  Cowhides cost $130+ each and there is a lot of waste!


    Keep your eyes open and ask for a sample of the “leather” when you are out shopping Ask us at BuildASofa to send you a free swatch of some of our quality American Top Grain leather by clicking on our fabrics page and click the colors that you want.

  5. Living Room Inspiration | The ADREANA Sofa

    Living Room Inspiration | The ADREANA Sofa

    In need of some design inspiration to get your living room remodel going? Here is our take on the perfect living room for our Adreana sofa! Remember, this sofa style can be made in any size and even comes in sectionals of any size or configuration.

    Want to see what all of the custom fuss is about? Head over to our CREATE section to see all of the options that await you! 


    Sofa // The Adreana from

    Rug // Sukhi Rugs - Beni Ourain 

    Map Art // Archies Press

    Leather Poofs // West Elm

    Lamp // Target

  6. NEED A LITTLE INSPIRATION? | View some of our favorite custom orders!

    NEED A LITTLE INSPIRATION? | View some of our favorite custom orders!

    Custom MAXWELL Sectional | 3 Piece Sectional | Sofa w/return + Armless Sofa + 1 Arm Chaise


    CANWICK Sectional | 6 Piece Sectional + 2 Ottomans

    BRC Recovery Meeting Room

    MAXWELL Sectional | 2 Piece Sectional | Chaise + 1 Arm Sofa


    MAXWELL Sectional | 2 Piece Sectional | Sofa Chaise + 1 Arm Sofa | Design by: Butter Lutz Interiors


    NEWTON Sectional | 4 Piece Sectional + 2 Ottomans 


    STOKE Sofas | Sofa + Condo Sofa


  7. FREE Nationwide Delivery | Always Included at BuildASofa

    FREE Nationwide Delivery | Always Included at BuildASofa

    We always include FREE in-home delivery with every purchase at BuildASofa. Our delivery company quickly moves your purchase from our factory in Los Angeles to your home, usually within 5-14 days depending on your distance from Los Angeles.   Our delivery team will bring the sofas to your home and place them inside the front door, or in the first indoor reception area in an apartment building.

    You can also opt for our PREMIUM delivery service on your checkout form. Premium Service is a flat $99 for any order and we HIGHLY recommend it.  The delivery team will safely unwrap the order, place it in your desired room, and take the trash away. In addition, the delivery team is responsible for damage in the unwrapping process.  We really encourage you to get the Premium service…  $99 very well spent!

    Check out the video below to see what goes into unwrapping one of our piece.

  8. Maxwell Sofa Design Ideas | Simple Yet Elegant

    Maxwell Sofa Design Ideas | Simple Yet Elegant

    The Maxwell collection is on of our best selling sofas and sectionals thanks to its classic clean lines, versatiliy and most importantly... COMFORT! Whether made into a sofa, or sectional, the Maxwell is sure to fit most any decor but truly thrives in a Mid Century Modern vibe!

    As with all of our collections, the Maxwell comes in over 1000 different fabrics, 6 leg colors and ANY sofa or sectional size/configuration. L shape, U shape or custom sized sectionals are all available! Visit our create page to see all the different options and receive a custom quote or buy direct through our website using the shop section.



  9. BUTTON TUFTING | Form Over Function

    BUTTON TUFTING | Form Over Function

    Some of our most popular models at BuildASofa have dozens, if not hundreds of hand tied buttons on them as accents.  Many are in the Mid-Century models with two rows of buttons on both the seats and back cushions that give the sofas and sectionals a very tailored look.

    Buttons are a great way to jazz up a sofa and they really do keep it neat and tidy.  Back cushions tend to be very slender with buttons because they are physically tied through the sofa on a heavy nylon cord. This allows us to put a little pressure on the cushion and gives it that dimpled look.  The cushions don’t have that “puffy in the middle” giving them a streamlined and clean look.

    But one of the best things about BuildASofa is our huge selection of water safe fabrics and their ease of cleaning.  All of the cushions in our sofas and sectionals are zippered and the inner bags of stuffing, foam or down and feathers can be taken out and the covers cleaned.  However, if you have buttons on your cushion the fabric will have to be cleaned in place. The reason is that the buttons are going to keep that cover on because it is locked in place.

    One change we make a lot on our sofas and sectionals is that we leave the buttons on the back cushions, and make the seats without any buttons.  The reason is that gravity dictates that most things will get on the seat cushions.  We have included a photo on this blog with the same model shown with standard full button work, no buttons on seat, and no buttons at all.  There is never a charge to remove buttons from a sofa, only to add them to sofas that don’t have them.

    When you are working with us, ask us about the options for buttons and talk with us about your particular situation.  If you have young kids, pets or like to sleep face down on the sofa, buttons may not be for you!

    We look forward to making the perfect sofa or sectional for you at BuildASofa!

    Brad Allan

    Founder, BuildASofa

  10. DIAMOND TUFTING | Luxury & Craftsmanship

    DIAMOND TUFTING | Luxury & Craftsmanship

    Almost all of our sofas are the same price at BuildASofa.  But we have a special group of sofas that cost more…  Diamond Tufted Sofas!  Diamond tufting is the deeply pulled button tufts that are most commonly known on the Chesterfield model.  It is a VERY labor-intensive process. 


    First the frame is built, and covered in thick foam. The foam must have a hand cut hole made in it for every button that is going to be done.  It looks like a sofa covered in Swiss cheese! That hole in the foam allows the button to be pulled deep into the body of the sofa, not just resting on top of the seat cushion. Each piece of fabric has to be specially folded so that there are no wrinkles in the fabric. This isn’t an easy process and not all upholsterers are able to do it.  It takes about 2 days for a craftsman to tuft a Chesterfield style sofa.  That is much longer than the average sofa by a factor of 500%.  And because the cost of labor is the biggest component in the production of quality American Made furniture, that is why a Chesterfield sofa cost about $800 more than a standard sofa.


    But the end result is stunning!  We have put Chesterfield and our other deep diamond tufted sofas into some of the most beautiful homes and commercial spaces in America. Browse though our entire line of premium models on the website to see for yourself what a great addition to your home a Diamond Tufted sofa or sectional could be!




    Founder, BuildASofa

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