1. Add A Sofa Bed to ANY BuildASofa Sofa or Sectional!

    At BuildASofa you can add a Sofa Bed to ANY of our sofa or sectional styles and we offer both a standard or COZY mattress as options. Sofa sleepers come in Queen, Full and Twin sizing but your sofa or sectional size will be the deciding factor in which options are available to you. Typicall the Queen sofa sleeper will fit in any full sized sofa!

    Many of our styles can be turned into a sleeper with no additional customization charges like the KENSINGTON, CANWICK or TELFORD, but some may need slight adjustments to the front rail to house the sleeper. Models that will need additional customization have 5+ inch legs with a thin front rail. 

    Do you think a sofa sleeper would be a great addition to your home? Give us a call today to talk with a designer about all the pros and cons to adding a sofa bed and see if it is the right choice for you and your family!

    A few pro tips on sofa sleepers:

    • Sofa sleepers require your cushions to sit on a mechanism as opposed to springs like a standard sofa so we typically recommend our soft foam option in the seats to offset the feeling of the mechanism. 
    • If your planning on using your sofa sleeper once or twice a year we recommend just getting a really nice air mattress instead! Much less expensive and it wont affect how your sofa sits!
  2. 5 Ideas For Apartment-Sized Sofas and Sectionals

    5 Ideas For Apartment-Sized Sofas and Sectionals

    As city centers become more and more dense, living spaces have trended more to the smaller side of life, but BuildASofa is here to help! Here are our top 5 Apartment sofa and sectional solutions for maximizing seating!

    Convertible Sectionals

    1. Convertible Sectionals – Convertible sectionals are great for young professionals who are on the move! With the ability to change the sectional layout by simply switching the cushions around, convertible sectionalsgiveyoutheflexibility you need to be sure your furniture will fit in ANY space you move into.
    2. Adding An Ottoman – Don’t have enough room for a sectional but still want the benefits? Think about adding an ottoman to your order! Ottomans can notonly can be used for kicking your feet up after a long day, but with our flip top and storage options they can double as a coffee table and storage spaceConvertible Sectionals for remotes and blankets. Additionally, ottomans make for an additional seating space when you have friends or family over to watch the big game or season finally of Girls J
    3. Track Arm Models – A great way to maximize your seating space in a small apartment or condo is by choosing a model with a narrow track arm. This will give you more seating space than something with a rolled arm while still giving you great design! Check out our MAXWELL, PRESTON or BURTON models for this look!
    4. Small Sectionals – All of our sectionals come in Small, Medium or Large because we know that one shoe doesn’t fit all! Many of our small sectional layouts Convertible Sectionalcan still fit up to 5 people comfortably while not taking up the entire living room.
    5. Add A Sofa Bed – Almost any style from BuildASofa can have a sofa bed added to it for those of us without a second bedroom! We suggest going with softcushions when adding a sofa bedforadded comfort.

    Have a unique living environment that needs a custom sofa or sectional? Give us a call in the showroom, send us an email or if your in Austin come see us on Burnet Rd. right across the street from Torchy’s Tacos! We can’t wait to getstarted on your new custom sofa or sectional.


    -BuildASofa Team

  3. Leather Sofas and Sectionals - Made in the USA

    Leather Sofas and Sectionals - Made in the USA

    Looking for a quality, made in America, leather sofa or sectional? BuildASofa is the answer for you! 

    Any sofa or sectional from BuildASofa can be made in 20 different top grain leathers in a range of colors. Check out our leather selection here to see what we offer - You can even request free swatches be sent to your home so you can see them in person before ordering! 

    Not sure leather is right for you? Here are a few pros and cons for leather sofas and sectionals 

    Leather Modern Sectional

    PRO's : 

    • Leather is one of the most durable materials you can use for your sofa or sectional and is a breeze to clean! 
    • Did we mention leather is super easy to clean? It is!
    • Leather only gets better with time.... Over time your leather will develop a beautiful patina unique to the way you use your custom sofa or sectional!
    CON's :
    • Leather costs 2x what upholstery does. 
    • Leather is a natural fiber that can be hot in the summer time and cold in the winter. 
    • Cushions can not be flipped due to breath strips on the bottom of the 

    Every living space is different, but hopefully this will help is choosing material for you new sofa or sectional!

    -BuildASofa Team

  4. Free Custom Changes That Can Give Your Sofa or Sectional A Whole New Look!

    Free Custom Changes That Can Give Your Sofa or Sectional A Whole New Look!

    There are many custom options at BuildASofa that are available FREE of charge and many of these changes can give your sofa or sectional a completely new look! 

    One of the most common changes we make to our sofas and sectionals is removing details like welting (or piping as some may call it), tufting and stitching from the cushions which can creat a crisp clean look for your sofa or sectional. Here is a photo of our Maxwell Sectional shown with the standard tufting and stitching that comes on the seat and back cushions and below it is the same style sectional shown without any of the tufting and buttons! No additional cost to you, but a whole new look you never thought possible :)

    Maxwell Sectional -

    Maxwell Sectional - No Buttons

    Another change you can make at BuildASofa FREE of charge is how your cushions are laid out. 3 over 1, 2 over 2, 3 over 3.... You name it and we will make it happen! Want to learn more about bench cushions VS. traditional? Check out this blog post

    You are also able to select from 6 leg colors and hundreds of fabrics to make your sofa or sectional uniquely yours! 

    Want to learn more about all of the customization option availabe from BuildASofa? Head over to the LEARN section for more! 

  5. BuildASofa + Crypton Fabric - A Match Made In Heaven

    BuildASofa + Crypton Fabric - A Match Made In Heaven

    Need a fabric that is extra durable to help fight spills from the kids and mud from the pets? Loon no further than our incredible lineup of Crypton fabrics available on ANY BuildASofa sofa or sectional!

    What good is a beautiful living room if you’re too worried about spills and stains to really enjoy your space? From markers to wine spills, Crypton Home Fabric’s proven performance technology gives your home both style and functionality. Soft, durable, and resistant to both stains and odors, Crypton Home Fabric is available in a wide array of textures and vibrant colors. And Crypton’s breakthrough performance technology is built into every fiber, so it won’t ever wear away. Spills and stains are easy to clean, and odors don’t cling. Backed by Crypton’s 20+ years of expertise in performance textiles, products made with Crypton Home upholstery fabric stay beautiful, last longer, and give you the freedom to enjoy life. Spend time making memories, not cleaning up after them.

    • Built-in stain repellency and soil release make cleaning easy
    • Built-in odor resistance keeps fabrics fresh
    • Enhanced abrasion resistance
    • Proud to be processed in the U.S.A.
    • GREENGUARD Gold Certified

    To learn more about our Crypton fabric head over to the CUSTOM page on the site and be sure to let us know you are interested in Crypton in the notes! 

    Crypton Cleaning and Care

    Build A Sample Kit From Crypton

  6. Why Choose BuildASofa Over the Big Box Stores?

    Why Choose BuildASofa Over the Big Box Stores?

    Here at we do things a little different, but that’s what makes us your go to shop for custom sofas and sectionals!

    The BuildASofa Difference:

    1. All products are hand made in the USA!
    2. All  styles can be made into a sofa or sectional in any size or configuration!
    3. Most orders can be completed and delivered in about 4 weeks!
    4. Great customer service. We may have Nationwide reach, but we are still a small company at heart and treat all of our customers that way!

    Check out what customers from all across the country are saying about BuildASofa on Google :) We have built out business on customer service and believe that is what will continue to set us apart from the pack.

    Oursales staff is on call 7 days a week to make sure all of your custom sofa or sectional questions are answered quick.

  7. Are Custom Sofas and Sectionals Affordable?

    Are Custom Sofas and Sectionals Affordable?

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get at BuildASofa, and our clients are always pleasantly surprised when we give them pricing for a custom sofa or sectional! 

    Thanks to our streamlined sales and production processes BuildASofa is able to offer custom sofas and sectionals at a fraction of the cost at big box stores, and being that we produce all of our products right here in the USA we are also able to offer very short lead times on custom sofas and sectionals. Most orders ship in just 2-3 weeks and are in your home in 3-5!! 

    Here is a quick break down on pricing for some of our best selling sectional configurations to give you an idea of what your custom sofa or sectional might cost. 

    Classic L Shaped sectionals start at $2990 

    U Shaped sectionals start at $4585 

    Single Sofas are $1595

    Pricing listed above includes sales tax AND threshold delivery anywhere in the country!

    Give us a call today and let us provide a FREE quote for your custom sofa or sectional!

    Maxwell Sectional -

  8. Pet & Kid Friendly Fabrics Built For Living

    Pet & Kid Friendly Fabrics Built For Living

    Tired of worrying about which kid is going to spill next or which dog is going to make it in the house without a bath? Well worry no more! BuildASofa offers tons of washable fabrics that are great growing families. 

    BELLA and DAWSON are both great for anything that sheds with their tight weave patter helping to keep loose hair from getting between fibers!

    bennett indigo fabricbennett charcoal fabric

    KEY LARGO  and BENNETT fabrics give a touch of class with their tweed feel while still offering durability and longevity.

    Still a little worried about spills? Ask about our master guard protection that we can add to any sofa or sectional order!

    Want to see some of our fabrics in person? Head over to the FABRICS page to pick up your free swatches!

  9. Custom Sofa and Custom Sectionals - Designed For You!

    Custom Sofa and Custom Sectionals - Designed For You!

    Are you having trouble finding a sofa or sectional to fit your extra small, extra large or oddly shaped space? You aren't alone, and BuildASofa is here to help with affordable custom sofas and sectionals made in America!

    Here's how it works...

    1. Choose from any of our 45 different styles. Shop SOFAS or SECTIONALS

    2. Choose your fabric, leg color and cushion configuration.

    3. Choose your sofa or sectional sizing and configuration. We offer 9 sectional set ups, 3 sofa sizes, 2 chair options and 2 ottoman sizes!

    Thats it, your done!

    Still can't get exactly what your looking for? Check out our CUSTOM for a custom quote from our sales staff who has over 20 years combined experiece designing and delivering sofas all over the country. Our design staff will walk you through every detail of the design process to ensure you get the perfect sofa or sectional you have always dreamed of!

    Have a commercial project needing a custom seating option? Give us a call and lets talk about how BuildASofa can help with your project. We have worked with companies across the country to produce one of a kind seating options and would love to help out with your project. You can email our National Sales Director at

  10. The Perfect Sofa for Your Tiny House, Apartment or Condo - BuildASofa

    The Perfect Sofa for Your Tiny House, Apartment or Condo - BuildASofa

    With tiny homes, apartments and condos seeming to be the norm these days we are seeing more and more people becoming frustrated trying to find furniture that fits... But thats where BuildASofa flourishes!

    Our business was created out of necessity in San Francisco where most homes have tight door ways, narrow hallways and funky sized living spaces. In order to get furniture even in the space we had to cut the back 3 inches or make a sofa in 2 pieces to get it to fit and in doing so we found a niche in the furniture industry... Fast forward 15 years and here we are with more and more cities embracing smaller living spaces and we are here to help!

    Any of our 45 different sofa styles can be made into a sofa or sectional of any size meaning you can customize length, height and depth to make any style fit YOUR unique living space. No more compromizing look or feel to get something that fits... At BuildASofa you can get style, comfort AND fit all in one place :)

    Dont think you can affor a custom sofa or sectional?? You would be surprised! Our stadard sofas start at $1595 and that price includes sales tax AND nationwide delivery. If you are looking for something a little smaller than a sofa, our love seats start at $1395 and condo sofas are $1495...again, all prices include sales tax AND nationwide delivery. Sectionals start around $2600 and go up to about $3300. 

    Loving what your hearing?? Give us a call today to start working on YOUR custom sofa or sectional or visit the SOFAS or SECTIONALS page of our website!


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