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Our Name Should Be "Build-A-Sectional"!

Over 80% of all of our orders are for sectionals! Why? Because no matter what size or orientation you need, we can easily fill the space that you have with one of our great sectionals. With over 30 standard size components for each model we carry, we can get close to any measurement that you may have WITHOUT customizing. But if you need an exact measurement, no matter how unique you may think the size is, we can make it at minimal extra cost and exactly as you need it!


Fine Tuning Your Look!

Once we have your model and size figured out, we can begin to fine-tune your sectional. You may want to have the back drop away as it comes into the center of the room for a more open layout. Or perhaps you want to make just one part of the sectional extra deep for lounging and watching movies! Bring your measurements and photos of the room, even if it's just on your cell phone, to help us help you design a truly unique sectional for your home...!


Real Photos From Our Clients!