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Micro Fiber Materials

What is Micro Fiber?

Micro fiber was invented in Sweden in the mid-1980s and quickly spread throughout Europe and Asia. Environmentally aware

Europeans liked that the material could be used with little or no chemicals and could be repeatedly laundered, reducing waste.


Micro fiber is a synthetic fiber made up of a blend of polyester and micro fiber polymer. These materials are bundled together to form a strand so small the human eye can barely see it. When examined under a microscope the strand appears in the shape of a star. Those bundles are then split into ultra-fine single fibers (estimated to be at least one-sixteenth the size of a human hair) using a specific combination of chemicals, heat and agitation. In addition, the chemical process manufacturers use to split the micro fibers creates a positive electric charge. When dry, the static causes dirt, which has a negative charge, to cling better to the fabric. The dirt will be trapped until the micro fiber is washed, at which time the charge is broken and the dirt is released.


We have numerous types of Micro Fibers available for our sofa pieces. The most popular are listed below by trade name. Remember that colors can vary between monitors so actual colors may be slightly different from those shown.



Watch a Video on Micro Fiber!


In addition to our regular grade fabrics, we also have another 700 "Upgrade" fabrics. These fabrics are generally very busy patterns and may contain 3-20+ thread colors. While no better in durability than regular fabrics, they do have a much higher cost from our supplying mills that entail modest "upcharges" if you choose to use one of these fabrics. Upgrade fabrics will increase the cost of an order from 25-50%.

Passion Suede Micro Fiber Materials
Passion Suede(tm)

Feels like a real suede leather, but totally synthetic and almost indestructible! You can clean it over and over and the colors remain brilliant.

Bella Micro Fiber Materials

Feels like a real velvet! Color fast and durable yet soft to the touch! Even ink pen will come off with a little over the counter spray cleaner. You can take out the pillow inserts and throw it in the washing machine and it the velvety feeling will stay the same for years. It is our plushist fabric and comes in 3 dozen colors!

Geo Micro Fiber Materials

Flat like a twill with a herringbone design and very durable! Geo comes in a smaller collection of earth tone colors. Has a very clean and updated look.