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Choose from 1,500 fabrics to make the perfect sofa!

We have over 800 "regular grade" fabrics that we can use to produce your custom sofa. This may sound daunting, but most clients are able to narrow their selection down in a short amount of time. 


Our regular grade fabrics include all the popular micro-fibers including micro-suede, micro-velvet, and micro-twill. They also include hundreds more twills, cottons, denims and others.  The price of our sofas include using any of these regular grade fabrics.


We also have over 800 "upgrade" fabrics to choose from. While no more durable than regular grade, they usually have more design work and more texture. These can cost us a lot more to source than the regular grade, so their use will incur appropriate up charges.  Many people just use the upgrades to accent the sofas side pillows or just the back cushions.  Using the upgrade fabric in this manner will only nominally effect the price of your sofa.


Click on the buttons below to see examples of Micro Fiber, Regular Grade and Upgrade fabrics. Remember that these samples are less than 5% of our total fabric selection!  Fabrics shown are examples and current fabric selection may vary.

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