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Custom Sizing


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Custom Sizing

At BuildASofa, we can take any of our sofa models and in turn make them any size you need to within a 2" tolerance. That means if a sofa is standard at 86" long, we can make that same sofa 93", or 103" or 113" long instead for a nominal fee. We can also make it extra deep, taller, or just raise the back cushions a few inches so that they cradle your head when you lean back.

In this way, you can concentrate on picking the STYLE of sofa that suits you best and let us handle making that perfect sofa fit your size requirements exactly. No more trying to choose from a few models of sofas based on whatever size is closest to what you need.

Sectionals Sizing

Any of our models can be made into a sectional of any size and configuration. Pick the style that you like, and then let our designers help you choose the various components that get you closest to your ideal size for your room. If our dozens of components aren't close enough, you can always alter one piece to make the measurement exactly as you need it.


Difficult entryways!

If you have trouble getting sofas and other furniture into your home, our customization process will allow us to manufacture your pieces to get around your trouble spots. Whether it is a low ceiling, a narrow doorway or a tight turn in the hallway, we can make the dimensions of your sofa model change to suit your needs!  Click on the link below to read more and watch a video about why it is important to make the sofa so it easily fits your home...