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The Choice Is Yours At BuildASofa!

Our cushions are made of high density polyurethane foam, which is then wrapped in Dacron to soften the edges. Our Standard Cushion density is shown on most of our floor models. It is our most popular standard density used by over 90% of our clients. However, we can also provide you with either softer or firmer seats on request.

Down Wrap Cushions

A highly resilient Polyurethane foam inserted into a baffled down envelope. This is a very comfortable, very supportive cushion.

50 /50 Cushions

Fully self contained 5% down & 45% feather filled envelope over a 50% cut of our high density Polyurethane foam. Sewn-in baffles keep this envelope soft and plump.

75/25 Cushions

Our Polyurethane foam inserted into a baffled 25% down and 75% duck feather envelope. Offers a plush and softer cushion option while still offering the support needed.

Memory Foam Cushions

2 Memory Foam and Dacron completely surround our highly resilient Polyurethane foam offering shock absorption, pressure relief and additional vascular circulation qualities.